Using Mood Boards To Make Your Interior Design Look Consistent

Has this ever happened to you? You’re eating dinner at a fancy restaurant with great design. The exterior, decor, and menu design are on point! After your second glass of red, it’s time to head to the bathroom. You walk in, and it looks like you just walked into a gas station bathroom. Kinda kills the magic, huh?

That is the effect of design inconsistency. It doesn’t have to be that dramatic to have an impact on a space. Design consistency is often that thing that people ‘can’t quite put a finger on,’ but they know they like the design when it’s in place.

Whether you’re decorating your home (or wanting to make your Instagram feed look uber pro), a mood board is the easiest way to pull off a consistent design.

How To Do It

Create a Pinterest Board

If it’s been a while, Pinterest has gotten DAMN GOOD in the last few years. You know how your feed used to be full of your friends’ irrelevant stuff (wedding dresses when you’re single AF, lesson plans when you’re not a teacher)? Now it just gives you stuff it thinks you want to see, and it’s actually really spot on.

Start Broad

Fall down that Pinterest rabbit hole, people! Just pin anything and everything that catches your eye. Pinterest also now makes it super easy to find pins like the pins you already love. Just click on a pin, and scroll down to find a ton of similar pins.

I made my Sun Moon House Pinterest board public, which gives me a ton of anxiety because I didn’t make it to share it, but you might find it helpful.

When you have enough pins in your board, check out the more ideas section. Pinterest finds more pins that are like the pins already on your board.

Maybe you already know this, but Pinterest now lets you organize your board into sections (thank you for this feature Pinterest gods!). Create a section called ‘Curated’ or whatever else your little heart wants to name it.

Shape Your Style With A Curated Section

Ok, this is where it takes a little finesse and probably some trial and error. Start pinning the pins you love the most into that curated board. Then look through those pins and see if a style emerges. Try to find a theme of colors, textures, styles (farmhouse, modern, etc).

Now it’s time to prune every pin in the curated section that doesn’t match that style emerged. Say you love the style of the pin, but the colors aren’t quite right? That pin’s gotta go. You can try to find a pin with that same style with the right colors or just save that pin in a different board to reference later. This is the time to be VERY PICKY!

A note on style: Consistency does not mean everything in your house must be one style (i.e. modern). You can mix and match styles and go for a more eclectic style, but you should pull that same eclectic style throughout a space.

If You Already Have Some Pieces You Can’t Part With

Whether you don’t have the budget for a new sofa or you have a painting that’s a family heirloom, you sometimes already have things that you can’t replace. If that’s the case, take pics of these items, upload them to Pinterest, and start with those in your curated board. Then you can make sure you incorporate them into this new consistent style you’re creating.

Create a Reference Image

Now that you have a damn well-curated section, it’s time to pull all those images out of Pinterest and put them in one easy-to-view place. Pinterest doesn’t make it easy to save an image, so just take screenshots on your phone or with your computer.

I added all the images to Photoshop and arranged them in one file. You can also use one of those collage apps on your phone or gimp (like a free photoshop), but you should be able to see all your images in one view.

Using Reference Image EVERY TIME

Upload your pro mood board to your phone, your computer, and everywhere else you’re going to be making decisions about what goes in your home. When you go to pick paint colors, buy a piece of art, choose a side table, LOOK AT YOUR MOOD BOARD. Ask yourself, could this totally adorable thing go on your mood board? If the answer is no, don’t get it! Even if you love it. Even if it’s a banging deal. Put it back on the shelf.

Ok friends, this was my first blog, so I want to hear your feedback. Tell me what you liked and what you thought was meh. DM me on insta @sunmoonhouse or leave a comment below.

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